Biometric Security at Westfield Shopping Centres

Case Study 

Westfield is continuously looking at how it can improve the systems that ensure the protection and safety of our centre staff and contractors in back-of-house and operational areas. 

With thousands of staff and contractors working in its centres across Australia, the Group identified a clear need for an efficient and secure system that would allow all workers safe and streamlined access to and from authorised centre locations. 

After working together over several years of trials and product evolution with safety innovator Blue Glue and technology partner AST Keywatcher, Westfield has launched a new biometric security system that functions through fingerprint recognition. Known as NoWAIT (National Work Authorisation and Induction Training), the system will be initially used by contractors and consultants across the Australian portfolio. 

The new system allows for real time of monitoring of the access of authorized contractors and consultants to the back-of-house and other operational areas. NoWAIT seamlessly integrates with the existing KeyWatcher cabinets for secure issuance of keys while touch screen video technology will provide for safety messaging to staff. In the event of an evacuation or emergency, NoWAIT helps identify who is registered as being onsite, allowing Westfield to manage their safety. 

NoWAIT delivers a range of other benefits including:

  • No wait for contractors and consultants to sign in and have keys issued
  • Automated access process using fingerprint technology for sign-in & sign-out at centres, operating around the clock
  • Synchronised issue of durable identification wrist band and high quality photo ID induction card
  • Integrated electronic KeyWatcher cabinet to automate and streamline the authorised issuing and returning of keys
  • Consistent delivery of safety inductions at shopping centres 
  • Electronic storage of personnel information on centralised system.

Successful trials undertaken at four centres in Sydney have confirmed the anticipated benefits and NoWAIT is expected to be implemented across the entire national portfolio by the beginning of 2013. 

“With the NoWAIT system, we can have a high level of confidence that only inducted and authorised personnel are onsite. We can know who’s using our keys in real time. This has huge implications for safety and security, and with many people needing to enter authorised areas in one centre alone, the system will revolutionise how our centres are accessed once the national roll-out is complete.”

Westfield Risk Manager


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